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libva - Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux

License: MIT
Libva is a library providing the VA API video acceleration API.


libva- [74 KiB] Changelog by Adam Williamson (2010-03-12):
- new SDS patch version (sds10):
	+ Add detection of Broadcom Crystal HD chip.
	+ Require vaDriverInit() function to include SDS API version. 
	+ OpenGL extensions updates:
		- Drop the 'bind' API. Only keep vaCopySurfaceGLX().
		- Fix FBO check for the generic implementation with TFP.
	+ Compat: strip vaPutSurface() flags to match older API.
		- This fixes deinterlacing support with GMA500 "psb" driver.
	+ Upgrade to GIT snapshot 2009/12/17:
		- Add a "magic" number to VADisplayContext.
		- Add more test programs, including h264 encoding.
- add -utils package for the various new binaries in this build

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